Water West

Water West Pty Ltd

A New Western Australian Water Utility

Water West is a WA-based water utility company providing innovative water solutions and water infrastructure to land developers to help create value for their projects. Depending on the characteristics of the project, we will provide potable water, wastewater and recycled water services.

Our aim is to be a long term, stable, trusted Western Australian water utility. Operating a public utility requires developers and the community to have full confidence in our ability to deliver.

Water West Approach

Water West has a flexible, client-focussed approach to providing water services and funding water infrastructure. Our strength is smaller, innovative, decentralised solutions that are tailored for each individual project.

We aim to add value by providing cost effective services that facilitate urban rezoning, unlock stranded assets and/or improve lot marketability. Water West will build and own water infrastructure and provide water services to customers.

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