Water West
Water West has an experienced management team that has deep knowledge of both the property development and water industries.

Water West Pty Ltd

Enabling local water

Water West is a Western Australian private-sector water utility that delivers local water schemes to new urban and industrial developments. We partner with developers to enable fit-for-purpose recycled water services for the long-term benefit of local communities, at a fraction of current costs.

An untapped resource

Our water systems make the most of every drop of water: inside and out. By recycling local wastewater, Water West enables greener open spaces, verdant backyards and lush verges, all without restriction. Water West’s schemes will reduce WA’s reliance on expensive drinking water sources (such as desalination), all at a competitive cost and delivery timeline for developers. Perth is facing a drinking water shortage, which will require continued and significant public investment in water assets as Perth grows. Water West systems can help reduce reliance on dwindling water sources, at no additional cost to government. Consumers too will be better off. Because wastewater is recycled and reused locally, these systems can provide water at a lower cost to residents in new developments. Average household water bills could fall by more than ten per cent*.

How does it work?

Our solutions add value by generating fit-for-purpose recycled water for generous irrigation of public open space and sports fields and for more sustainable use within homes. Read more about the services Water West offers.
*ACIL-Allen 2016